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TOT BIOPHARM has already completed its overall layout along the value chain of anti-cancer drug development. It will devote itself to developing antineoplastic drugs that have high technical barrier and economic value, provide product portfolio that is most suitable for local people and at reasonable prices, create optimal benefit for society, and become the best drug development and marketing partner for international biotechnology companies in the anti-cancer field.

TOT BIOPHARM devotes itself to developing the competence covering the entire industry value chain. Currently it has:
       1.Innovative multivariant teams covering the entire industry value chain;
       2.New drugs development capability at every stage;
       3.Ability to strike a balance between the risk of new drugs development and product revenue.

TOT BIOPHARM continues its research into the anti-cancer field, takes discovering unmet medical needs in the world and developing innovative anti-cancer drugs and therapeutics as its own duty, and constantly integrates its new drug R&D, pilot production, and manufacturing capacity. Currently, it has established an integrated domestically leading antineoplastic drug R&D platform covering key platform technologies for gene therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies , antibody-drug conjugates and specialty drugs.

While developing drugs independently, TOT BIOPHARM can also provide antineoplastic drug cooperative R&D, pilot production, medical support, and technical service for bio-pharmaceutical companies both at home and abroad through this platform.