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Social Responsibility

Environmental and Employee Protection

Respecting life is the soul and cultural concept of TOT BIOPHARM. In the entire process of the R&D, production and marketing and selling of its pharmaceutical products, TOT BIOPHARM has adhered to the highest moral and commercial standards in the pharmaceutical industry and committed itself to improving and enhancing the physical and mental health and life safety of human beings.

We care for life, create health, constantly develop high quality pharmaceutical products, concern for the development of social welfare cause, and actively perform our social responsibility, which reflects our image of a responsible corporate citizenship.

In TOT BIOPHARM, we have formulated comprehensive standards of environment, health, and safety (EHS) for the workplace and constantly assess and improve the implementation of EHS by frequently monitoring the compliance.

Environmental Protection

TOT BIOPHARM bears the responsibility of a social citizen and spares no effort in EHS protection. Besides, we try our best to protect the environment and reduce the stress of using natural resources.

We not only treat the waste produced during the manufacturing process in strict accordance with GMP standards, but have also built a waste water treatment system by ourselves. Meanwhile, we strictly sort office garbage, household garbage, and food waste in order to reduce burden to the environment and to grow, survive, and prosper together with the earth.

Environmental and Health Protection

TOT BIOPHARM attaches importance to its employees’ health and safety, has designed and built plants that meet the requirements of the new edition GMP, and installed advanced production line according to the requirements of technology and personnel protection. We strictly implement the separation of five streams (air stream, stream of people, material stream, product stream, and waste stream) to strictly prevent cross contamination. We safeguard the employees’ health in an all-round manner: We equip them with proper labor protection articles according to position requirements; our employees have physical examination every year, and we detect hazard factors at the workplace regularly.

In order to improve the employees’ emergency handling capability, we arrange for the employees to have the emergency handling drill and first aid training every year. In case of emergencies and accidents, all departments are equipped with first-aid kits and emergency sprays. We try our best to prevent in advance, to monitor in progress, and to check after the event so as to completely protect our employees’ health and safety.