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Introduction to the Company


      Founded in 2010,TOT BIOPHARM COMPANY LTD. is headquartered in Suzhou Industrial Park in China. It is a bio-pharmaceutical company specializing in developing,manufacturing and commercializing oncology drugs.

      TOT BIOPHARM has 3 technology platforms: (1) monoclonal antibodies/ ADCs, (2) oncolytic virus products,and (3) specialty anti-cancer drugs (liposomal drugs). 4 mAbs and 3 small molecules INDs were submitted,and 7 INDs have all been approved by CFDA. A Phase III study of a mAb is ongoing.

      TOT BIOPHARM establishes a competitive oncology drugs manufacturing base in Suzhou Industrial Park. The stage 1 construction includes a 500L-biologic pilot plant, OEL-5 isolator for ADCs, BSL-2 certified viral facility, and small molecule plants (oral and injectable). The Stage 2 construction is a state-of-the-art antibody production site with 16,000L capacity to accommodate the high-quality commercial manufacturing. Along with the existing 500L pilot plant, TOT BIOPHARM can fulfill the production needs from the upstream and downstream R&D, pilot production, clinical trials and commercial scales. The dedicated OEL-5 grade production facilities for commercial-scaled lyophilized ADC equip TOT BIOPHARM competitive advantages.

      TOT BIOPHARM has internationalized and experienced team of talents. More than 20 core members each has more than 20-year experience in the domestic and international pharmaceutical industry, and are familiar with the drug administration regulations in Europe, the United States, China, and Taiwan.

      TOT BIOPHARM has received recognition of excellence from many tiers of government agencies, in recognition of the company’s achievements. TOT BIOPHARM’s accolades include National High-Tech Enterprise, National Advanced Service Enterprise, Outstanding Economic Contribution, Foreign-Funded R&D Center in Jiangsu Province and Pioneer of Entrepreneurial Talent in the Gusu region, the most valuable biotech enterprise to invest in 2017, and the company has also received countless awards for its philanthropy and social responsibility initiatives.

      TOT BIOPHARM has developed its own sales and marketing team and networking, and keeps close cooperation with oncology experts and key opinion leaders in oncology field. Providing one-stop solution platform for R&D, Production, Clinical Development, and Commercialization, TOT BIOPHARM is your best strategic partner in the fight against cancer.