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Introduction to the Company

TOT BIOPHARM COMPANY LIMITED adheres to the operation principle of “the balance between humanity and technology”. With professionalism, care, innovation, and efficiency as the spirits of the enterprise, it advocates that we should try to fulfill the needs of cancer patients in different perspectives, focus on the holistic concern of “people-oriented”, and provide the optimal treatment to each and every cancer patient. It lays stress on personalized medicine and holistic rehabilitation from cancer. “To let cancer patients be healthy in body, mind, and spirit” is the ultimate value of the company’s anti-cancer cause.

       TOT BIOPHARM COMPANY LIMITED, established in July 2010, is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical enterprise dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing anti-cancer drugs. It specializes in therapeutic biologics, anti-cancer small molecules, and specialty drugs. The company's headquarters is located in Suzhou, China. Its operation strategy is to keep a foothold in Asia and march toward the whole world.

       Since its establishment, the company has laid emphasis on the innovation of drug development, aimed at international standard, and devoted itself to the R&D of state-of-the-art anti-cancer drugs. It has developed a key technology platform with global intellectual property rights. Its competence covers the entire industrial value chain, including R&D of innovative cancer therapy, formulation development, preclinical research, clinical research, translational research, new drug application, and manufacturing and marketing of cancer drugs that comply with China’s New GMP.

       In Suzhou Industrial Park, TOT BIOPHARM COMPANY LIMITED will invest in building a 50,000m2, international-competitive, R&D, pilot production, and manufacturing base for antineoplastic drugs that complies with China’s New GMP and is equipped with world first-class facilities. The first-stage construction of the base about 10,000m2 has been completed. Meanwhile, the company has domestically established first-class scientific research, production, and management teams headed by elite in the pharmaceutical industry. All the technical backbone of the company have more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and are familiar with drug regulatory systems of Europe, the USA, Mainland China and Taiwan.