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Good news! TOT BIOPHARM was selected as "2018 annual unicorn breeding enterprise of suzhou".


The 2018 annual meeting of suzhou leading talents association is held at dushu lake convention center in suzhou, east China's jiangsu province, Nov. 11, 2018. Lu chunyun, vice mayor of suzhou, attended the meeting and was awarded the first batch of representatives of suzhou unicorn breeding enterprises. TOT BIOPHARM was selected as "suzhou unicorn breeding enterprise".  

The "suzhou unicorn cultivation plan" is to carry out the strategy of innovation-driven development and accelerate the cultivation of unicorn enterprises in suzhou. According to the spirit of "suzhou unicorn cultivation plan (2018-2022)" (no.63 [2018] of suzhou province), the selection of unicorn cultivation enterprises in suzhou in 2018 has been carried out. According to the procedures of independent declaration, preliminary examination by competent authorities, expert evaluation and on-site defense, TOT BIOPHARM was successfully selected and included in suzhou unicorn breeding enterprise database.  

More than one hundred enterprises participated in the application for election in this project. Obtained private equity investment; The enterprise is not listed; The industry belongs to strategic emerging industry, leading industry or new economy and new model; Sound enterprise management; Strong disruptive innovation ability; Remarkable achievements in innovation; The possibility of explosive growth in the future is large. General manager huang said, "the selection of TOT BIOPHARM is a recognition of the company's achievements in recent years. While adhering to technological innovation and careful management, the company will continue to make positive contributions and make use of its advantages in international resources to promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry and promote the improvement of the level of internationalization of the industry. TOT BIOPHARM is one of the few new enterprises in the domestic biomedical industry that has built a complete value chain. At present, the company has opened all links of the industrial value chain, providing a one-stop platform for comprehensive cooperation in drug research and development, production, clinical and marketing, and is committed to becoming the best strategic partner for cancer prevention enterprises at home and abroad. Good news! TOT BIOPHARM was selected as "2018 annual unicorn breeding enterprise of suzhou".