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President of China pharmaceutical innovation promotion association song ruilin and his delegation visited TOT BIOPHARM


On September 17, 2018, song ruilin, President of China pharmaceutical innovation promotion association (hereinafter referred to as "China pharmaceutical promotion association") and a group of experts visited TOT BIOPHARM . Wang chunying, general manager of TOT BIOPHARM , warmly received song ruilin, executive chairman and experts.  

President song and his delegation arrived at TOT BIOPHARM on the eve of the third "China pharmaceutical innovation and investment conference". China pharmaceutical innovation and investment conference is an annual national event in the field of medicine and investment initiated by China pharmaceutical promotion association. It has attracted international and domestic enterprises from various industries to participate.  

General manager huang chunying welcomed President song and other experts, and introduced the company's development process and innovative results. Song said that TOT BIOPHARM . recently joined the China pharmaceutical promotion association and became a member of the China pharmaceutical promotion association. The participation of TOT BIOPHARM industry has added strength to China pharmaceutical promotion association. It is hoped that TOT BIOPHARM industry will actively participate in various major activities and make contributions to the development of China pharmaceutical promotion association.  

On the forum, the experts also participated in the east yao pharmaceutical product situation and the progress of research and development, responsible for participating in the east yao pharmaceutical product clinical research experience and other questions and exchanges, general manager huang chunying one by one to answer the explanation, and thank the experts for their support and help.  

After the meeting, chairman song and his delegation visited the factory area of TOT BIOPHARM and paid a special visit to the newly built biological medicine research and development and industrialization base. TOT BIOPHARM biological medicine r&d and industrialization base was established and operated in May 2018, planning to set up a 16000L cell culture scale production line for commercial production of listed products. The production base will also build 3 preparation production lines, also according to the product filling different specifications. In the future, the pre-filled needle preparation line, freeze-dried preparation line, as well as oel-5 level antibody coupled drugs (ADC) industrial production workshops will be in place one after another.