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Chinese anti-cancer rehabilitation association suzhou backbone training course


On September 7, 2018, the national rehabilitation organization backbone training course of the rehabilitation association of the Chinese anti-cancer association was held in suzhou. There are 68 representatives from 56 rehabilitation associations all over the country and suzhou convalences attended the training.  


First, general manager of TOT BIOPHARM Huang Chunying harangue, yellow always shows every year since 2012, and the healing will sign support backbone training, count the backbone of the training focus from every year, from the initial phase I of the correspondent training began to invite many external organizations to assist in training, such as: Taiwan's cancer team hope foundation, Hong Kong cancer fund training, share laugh and laugh in taichung association institute, and also the actual visit multiple cancer tissue, and so on, now six years later, in the national rehabilitation project is established for the first six demonstration center, this is the moment to celebrate, very honoured and obsidian pharmaceutical industry in the east and the healing will grow up together, Looking forward to doing more meaningful things together and reaching the next milestone.  


Then the chairman of amway history made a keynote speech: "building a demonstration center of rehabilitation engineering", integrating the resources of all sectors of the society, establishing a unified service rehabilitation base, combining with the elderly care, submerging the community, so as to benefit more patients. Recovery will unite around a common goal, for cancer rehabilitation cause more brilliant. In addition, conditions for the establishment of rehabilitation work stations, job responsibilities of cancer rehabilitation work stations, and conditions and activities of rehabilitation work stations were announced, so that the rehabilitation work stations that are willing to participate in and become a demonstration center of rehabilitation engineering in the future could make efforts.  

This training course specially invited the Taiwan cancer hope foundation to share the service model of hope station in Taiwan hospitals, emphasizing the service of love, which requires temperature, personality, emotion, timeliness, initiative and individual service. The President of the rehabilitation association of ningbo and suzhou also introduced the experience of their rehabilitation workstations, while the rehabilitation association of xi 'an explained and introduced the application of many network media tools suitable for rehabilitation workstations across the country, so as to improve the service efficiency. Finally, professor li zhizhong made a report on how cancer is regarded as a chronic disease in the United States. 
 Backbone training class in the afternoon to issue "ningbo, xiangshan, shenzhen, guangdong, nantong and jilin" is the first of six rehabilitation association, will be awarded "kang in rehabilitation engineering demonstration center", the history of special encouraged the demonstration center, the focus is to provide patients and the public the right information, three aspects of the care action, psychological support, nutrition improvement and positive movement, the President also from the history of amway chairman took the long way to go, also encouraged other parts in the factory of the healing will grow together efforts, the future more demonstration center was established, a day of training at the end of the 4 p.m., Chinese cancer association rehabilitation association suzhou backbone training class successfully concluded, meet again next time.