Social Responsibility

Patient Care

TOT BIOPHARM is an enterprise focusing on the "balance of humanities and technology" .

Adhering to the aim of "centering around patients", starting from the overall needs of cancer patients, to provide comprehensive anti-cancer treatments for patients.

Organize large-scale activities for patients' association


Organized large-scale activities for patients' association: patients had direct dialogue, communicated with each other, shared experiences in fighting cancer, and encouraged each other;

Carry out patient education knowledge lecture


Carry out lectures on patient education and knowledge: popularize the causes of cancer , promote reasonable anti-cancer concepts, to enable patients to correctly understand cancer and understand scientific methods in fighting cancer;



[course on communication skills for cancer information] [course on holistic care for cancer - basic courses of psychological oncology] :Assist clinical medical staff to understand the psychological, social and behavioral reactions of patients and their families from multiple perspectives;

Support [backbone training program of Chinese cancer rehabilitation association]


Support [backbone training program of China cancer rehabilitation association] : assist cancer rehabilitation organizations to carry out patient learning, medical education and other activities, and provide diversified services to promote the integration of doctor-patient relationship;