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Double happiness!! TOT won the high and new technology enterprises and Gusu innovation


According to the list of the second batch of new and high-tech enterprises to be identified in jiangsu province in 2017 issued by the competent authorities of the state, our company has successfully passed the recognition of new and high-tech enterprises. This is the second time that the company has been awarded the high-tech enterprise qualification in 2014.  

The qualification of high-tech enterprises is generally granted to innovative enterprises that have independent intellectual property rights and carry out transformation of technological achievements. According to the regulations, the validity period of high-tech enterprise qualification is three years (re-evaluation and identification after the validity period). After the recognition of high-tech enterprises, the enterprise income tax rate is reduced by 10%, and the preferential tax rate of 15% (the first 25%) can be enjoyed.  

According to the notice issued by suzhou science and technology bureau and suzhou finance bureau on supporting gusu innovation and entrepreneurship leading talents project, our deputy general manager, Dr. Liu jun, was approved as the second batch of gusu innovation and entrepreneurship leading talents project (innovation type) in 2017.  

Gusu innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent project is a municipal talent project in suzhou, focusing on funding high-level talents (teams). According to statistics, this special project in suzhou (including kunshan, changshu, taicang, zhangjiagang) approved only 22 innovative talent projects.  

The company won the high-tech enterprise qualification, Dr. Liu jun also stood out on behalf of the company, which is a strong reflection of the company's r&d and innovation ability and talent team competitiveness, but also the government at all levels of the company's overall strength of recognition and affirmation.