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Leader the investigation of market license holders (MAH) pilot work


On August 17, wang yue, deputy director of the provincial food and drug administration, led a delegation from the provincial drug registry to our company for investigation. The municipal food and drug administration and the park market supervision administration accompanied the investigation.  

Provincial food and drug administration leading a group of this is mainly to investigate the company's drug market license holders (MAH) pilot work. In November 2016, TOT BIOPHARM and suzhou pioneer pharmaceutical co., ltd. reached a cooperation agreement on a chemical 1.1 new drug variety, and actively practiced the MAH pilot policy issued by the state food and drug administration (CFDA) and the provincial food and drug administration. In July 2017, the MAH pilot new drug variety jointly applied by the two sides was approved and registered by CFDA, becoming the first approved MAH pilot variety in jiangsu province.  

Ms. Huang chunying, general manager of the company, welcomed and thanked Mr. Wang yue and his delegation for their visit, then introduced the company's situation and latest development, and reported the progress and latest progress of the company's cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry in the implementation of MAH pilot. Chen xiaobao, r&d director of east yao pharmaceutical introduced the advantages of MAH and the focus of MAH pilot process.  

Wang yue, deputy director of the company, after carefully listening to the relevant introduction, asked TOT about the problems encountered in the process of promoting and developing the MAH pilot of pharmaceutical cooperation. Aiming at the "MAH pilot process focus" proposed by our company, wang yue, wang zongmin, Yin zhiyong and other leaders provided on-site solutions and discussed solutions.

 Finally, wang yue deputy director said: the provincial food and drug administration on the MAH system pilot work is very important, in order to ensure the province's pilot work smoothly, introduced a series of policy measures, hope that east yao pharmaceutical continue to pay attention to MAH system related policies, fully seize the MAH system of convenience and opportunity. As the first MAH pilot enterprise approved by CFDA in jiangsu province, TOT hopes that the enterprise can timely summarize the experience in MAH work and provide reference for the subsequent MAH projects. Provincial food and drug administration will also pay close attention to the development of east yao pharmaceutical and suzhou pharmaceutical MAH progress, continue to support the two enterprises MAH work in depth.