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The third cross-strait four cancer rehabilitation BBS ~ TOT BIOPHARM won the "public welfare award"


In order to enhance the exchanges and cooperation between cancer rehabilitation organizations of four places on both sides of the Taiwan straits and promote the development of cancer rehabilitation, the third cancer rehabilitation BBS of four places on both sides of the Taiwan straits was held in the beautiful yangcheng -- guangzhou from June 2 to 4, 2017. TOT BIOPHARM has long been committed to supporting the rehabilitation and exchange activities of cancer patients on both sides of the straits, and building a communication and exchange platform between doctors, patients and rehabilitation organizations on both sides of the straits. Since the first BBS, it has supported three sessions of BBS for cancer rehabilitation in four places on both sides of the Taiwan straits for six consecutive years.  

The 3rd cross-strait cancer rehabilitation BBS held a grand welcome party on the evening of February 2. The art troupe of the light of life cancer rehabilitation association of guangdong province, Taiwan breast reconstruction association, wenzhou happy sister art troupe and shenzhen hope light art troupe presented wonderful performances for the conference.  

 One of the most impressive performances was by the Taiwan breast reconstruction association's pretty women dance troupe, both of whom were breast cancer patients and led by an 81-year-old man, but they were still as energetic and charming on stage as the young.

The conference was officially opened Wednesday morning by shi amway, chairman of the rehabilitation committee of the Chinese anti-cancer association. At the conference, experts and scholars from four places on both sides of the Taiwan straits and rehabilitation organizations gave wonderful keynote speeches respectively.  

Yin dakui, former vice-minister of health, delivered a wonderful speech entitled "tumor and health", which enabled participants to have a new understanding and understanding of the correlation between tumor and health. Wu yiling, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, discussed the importance of physical health management from the perspective of traditional health preservation and tumor prevention with the topic "health needs management, body needs management -- traditional Chinese health preservation and tumor prevention". Peng wangjiakang, academician/member of academia sinica, explained "the trend of precision medicine for cancer" to the attendees.  

On the afternoon of the 3rd, two wonderful symposiums were held, respectively "expert BBS" and "mainland cancer rehabilitation organization construction and development BBS". The on-site discussion atmosphere was warm, which was applauded by participants.  

On the morning of April 4, experts and scholars such as fang junkai, li peiyi and li yiling delivered speeches respectively from the perspectives of "neglected contents in rehabilitation", "psychological needs and care of cancer patients", and "starting from body and soul -- psychosocial intervention mode of cancer patients".  


The BBS was successfully concluded on June 4. The meeting successfully built a bridge of friendship between the two sides and four places, built a platform of close communication and cooperation, and exchanged and Shared rich knowledge and experience of tumor prevention and rehabilitation.  

BBS organizing committee for a long time to thank TOT BIOPHARM about the public welfare cause of cancer rehabilitation, especially issued a "public welfare award", for the general manager of huang chunying issued a "outstanding contribution award".  


TOT BIOPHARM adheres to the corporate vision of "improving the quality of life of cancer patients worldwide with innovative technology", and upholds the concept of "making cancer patients physically and mentally healthy". While being professional and professional, it constantly strives to do more for cancer patients in terms of caring. This conference east yao from the booth layout, interactive link design and other aspects are especially reflected in the heart of east yao and cancer patients together. The specially designed polaroid photography session, with the theme of the back plate is the doll grasping machine, hopes to convey the message of "gratitude, care, love and hope" to cancer patients. East yao is in for attending a guest to send souvenir photograph at the same time, also sent the chocolate that contains thick care and love, printed above respectively "east yao pharmaceutical industry -- thank you, care about you, I love you". TOT BIOPHARM partners enthusiastically took photos for the guests and sent our care, thanks and best wishes!  


TOT BIOPHARMis fully aware of its mission and responsibility and expects to make more achievements in the field of whole-person care for cancer patients in the future!