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September 8-10 th 6th global alliance of Chinese breast cancer organizations


The sixth global Chinese breast cancer organization alliance conference is co-sponsored by the pink angel foundation and the pink angel cancer patients care center, and supported by the breast disease diagnosis and treatment center of Shanghai ruijin hospital. Ms. Lu liumei, President of the conference, delivered the opening speech, mentioning that this year is also the 10th anniversary of the founding of the alliance. In addition, at the opening ceremony, Ms. Jia ziping, honorary President of the alliance, gave a wonderful review of the development of global Chinese breast cancer organizations in the past 10 years.  

The theme of the conference is "holding hands with the pink angel". It is expected to promote the operation and volunteer training of various organizations in China, strengthen the observation and learning among groups, lay a foundation for organizations, and provide seed funds to encourage the growth of organizations. Conference on "disease prevention and treatment" and "organization operation management" speech and exchange. The content covers the trend and treatment outlook of breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, rehabilitation of breast cancer patients, whole-person care for breast cancer patients, operation and management of the organization, and services for patients. On the second day of the conference, a welcome dinner was held with a wonderful presentation of doctor-patient cooperation and various performances by members of the alliance from China and Taiwan who had recovered from breast cancer.  

This year, we carefully prepared pink chocolate candies printed with different encouraging words "Love I Love You, Care You, Thank You", and we provided a popular free photography service to let participants leave a beautiful and unforgettable memory.