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We will promote the development of cross-straits cooperation in the biomedical industry and build the most innovative and dynamic industrial cluster.

On May 24, the completion ceremony of the second phase of the mabs production base of dongyao pharmaceutical was held in the park. Leaders of the park government, guests from the biomedical industry, academia and investment circles at home and abroad, as well as all employees of dongyao pharmaceutical co., ltd. witnessed this exciting moment.

Dongyao pharmaceutical has been rooted in suzhou industrial park for eight years, and has grown from a seedling into a tree today. The ceremony began with Ms. Huang chunying, general manager of dongyao pharmaceutical co., LTD., taking the lead in the speech.

Today is a very important moment for all of the people of east obsidian, and it will be a moment in the history of east obsidian. With the successful completion of the mabs production base, dongyao pharmaceutical will also step up to a new level and embark on a new journey. In the future, dongyao pharmaceutical will expand more open fields and space, focus on promoting the international layout, improve the international competitiveness, so that China's research and development and production of biological drugs into the international market. The company will also seize the historic opportunity to advance to Asia and the world, and strive to become a professional and reliable strategic partner of international biotech pharmaceutical companies in the field of cancer in China.


Immediately afterwards, zhan qixian, chairman of guoguang biotechnology and convener of the cross-strait entrepreneurs summit biotechnology and health care industry cooperation promotion group, made a speech on the stage.

The second phase of the project will meet the needs of the entire upstream development, intermediate production, clinical trials and commercial production of biologics to meet the needs of cancer patients and the Chinese mainland. We can see the determination and speed of the mainland in promoting the development of the biomedical industry. Antibody drugs have been the fastest growing field in the world in recent years. In the future, the two sides of the Taiwan straits can continue to strengthen cooperation and benefit the people on both sides. Despite the recent downturn in cross-straits relations, the second phase of dongyao pharmaceutical project has undoubtedly injected a warm current into the cold cross-straits relations. We should cherish the hard-won basis of mutual trust and work together to create a win-win situation.

With the completion of the second phase of the new plant, the production capacity of the company will be significantly improved and become one of the large-scale industrialization bases of the domestic biopharmaceutical industry, which will certainly inject new vitality and add new momentum to the development of the park's biopharmaceutical industry. In response, han jiang, member and deputy director of the party working committee of suzhou industrial park, said:

We welcome more excellent enterprises like dongyao pharmaceutical to settle down in the park and share business opportunities and create prosperity with us. We will always adhere to the principle of establishing industrial zones, maintaining the business-friendly service concept, and adhering to the fundamental principle of the real economy. We will strive to create better conditions, a better environment and better services for enterprises. To be good waiters and shopkeepers of enterprises, to promote all kinds of enterprises to take root in the park and create a better future together.

The established mabs manufacturing base is an important effort and practice made by dongyao pharmaceutical in response to the "made in China 2025 strategy", integrating advanced biotechnology with high-end manufacturing technology, accelerating industrial upgrading, and actively improving production equipment, process, products and quality standards.

At the meeting, the leaders of the park government and dongyao pharmaceutical co., LTD took the stage together and held the launching ceremony and the ribbon-cutting ceremony successively. This also marks the east yao pharmaceutical industry to upgrade the biological industry once again took a solid step.

Dongyao has a professional cancer drug production base with international competitiveness in suzhou industrial park. The first phase of the project was completed in 2012, including the oral preparation workshop for cancer, the injection workshop for cancer and the 500L biological drug pilot plant. From 2016, the company will continue to increase investment to build a second phase of the monoclonal antibody production base for the production of monoclonal antibody and antibody coupling drugs. The production base will be completed in 2018 and will have a 16,000-l cell culture-scale production line.

Biomedicine is regarded as the pearl in the crown of the new round of technological revolution. The park holds fast to development opportunities and takes innovation as the primary driving force for development. We made good progress in developing strategic emerging industries and building and improving an international and open innovation system, and maintained rapid annual growth of about 30% in emerging industries such as biomedicine. At present, the park has gathered 1085 bio-pharmaceutical enterprises, among which more than 800 are independent brand innovative enterprises. The park is developing into a bio-pharmaceutical industry base and a technological innovation center with the highest concentration in China.