About TOT

About TOT


Headquartered in Suzhou industrial park, China, it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research development, production, sales and marketing of new anti-tumor drugs.

Vision: to improve the quality of life of cancer patients worldwide with innovative technology

Four spiritual concepts: Professionalism, Innovation, Care, Integrity

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative oncology drugs and therapies. Our mission is to build a leading brand name of oncology treatments trusted by patients and their families as well as medical professionals in China.

TOT BIOPHARM has established three integrated technology platforms, including: The Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody and Antibody Drugs Conjugates(ADC) Technology Platform, The Gene Engineering Based Therapeutics Technology Platform and The Innovative Drug Delivery Technology Platform. Therapeutic monoclonal antibody and ADC drug technology platform integrated the company's R&D and production capacity, enabling the company to develop a series of antibody drugs and ADC; The therapeutic technology platform based on gene engineering integrates anti-tumor immunotherapy, gene therapy and viral therapy, and carries out research and development and production of recombinant virus vector system for tumor targets. The innovative delivery technology platform includes advanced targeted liposome drug delivery system that have key embedding technologies for both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds to avoid the breakdown of the embedded composition and to release the embedded composition at the intended target site. With the above technical platforms, TOT BIOPHARM has developed a series of products, established a strong product pipeline, and continuously promoted the pre-clinical and clinical development of relevant drugs under development.

Relying on the comprehensive industrial value chain capability of the company, TOT BIOPHARM has established an open platform business model, cooperating with third parties at different stages of the industrial value chain, and collaborating with different industry players whose capability in certain parts of the industry value chain is complementary to TOT BIOPHARM's.

TOT BIOPHARM has established an experienced senior management team with deep expertise in the field of cancer treatment. The team members' expertise includes pre-clinical research, clinical development, production, quality control and assurance, and commercialization. The technology covers monoclonal antibodies, ADC drugs, oncolytic virus drugs and special small molecule anti-tumor drugs.