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Li lihui visited TOT with his team of financial cooperation promotion group


On April 10, 2019, li lihui, convener of financial industry cooperation promotion group of cross-strait entrepreneurs summit, and his delegation visited TOT. Provincial, municipal and park Taiwan office leaders and bank of China suzhou branch VIP escort research.

General manager huang chunying welcomed all the leaders and distinguished guests and introduced the development process and innovative achievements of the company. Li lihui acknowledged and affirmed that TOT adheres to the concept of "balance between culture and science and technology" and is committed to the research and development of high-quality and reasonably priced drugs. He also discussed and communicated with all the personnel on the issues of financial industry supporting the development of biomedical industry and biomedical enterprises adapting to the change of industrial environment.  

After the meeting, li lihui and his delegation visited the factory area of TOT and paid a special visit to the newly built biological medicine research and development and industrialization base. The base is the second phase project of TOT , which was built and operated in May 2018 to support the company's research and development of monoclonal antibodies and antibody-based drugs, oncolytic virus products and other biological drugs. Relying on this base, the company's clinical research on 4 biological drugs (including ADC drugs with antibody conjugation) is progressing smoothly, among which 1 biological drug product is in the phase iii clinical research.  

TOT biological medicine research and development and industrialization base planning antibody production capacity can reach 16000 liters, is one of the domestic biopharma industry large-scale industrialization base. The base will also build a number of preparation production lines, according to the product can be filled with different specifications; At the same time, it plans to set up an ADC industrialization production workshop conforming to oel-5 level. After the completion of this workshop, TOT will become one of the few domestic enterprises with ADC r&d and industrialization production capacity of international specifications.  

The cross-strait business summit, which originated in jiangsu province, has been regarded as the highest level of non-governmental economic and trade exchanges between the two sides since its establishment. Jiangsu province is one of the regions with the most concentrated taiwan-funded enterprises in mainland China, the most close exchanges and exchanges, and the most fruitful cooperation. Taiwan-funded enterprises have become an important force in the open economy of jiangsu province. As a member of the enterprise in jiangsu province, TOT will continue to innovate and contribute to the economic development of jiangsu province.