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Campus Recruitment

Recruitment Process

  • CV Screening

  • HR on-site interview

  • Department head video interview

  • Company visit

  • Issuing offer

Common Q&A

    • Q: Who are the people for the positions?

      A: Students graduated in 2021, former students can pay attention to our social recruitment information.

    • Q: Can I apply for more than one position?

      A: Each student can apply for two positions at most according to his/her major and intention.

    • Q: What are the criteria for screenung a resume?

      A: We will consider the school, major, academic performance, awards and practical experience according to the actual needs of the position.

    • Q: How is the interview process?

      A: You can apply for the job through internal application/online application/on-site delivery. After preliminary selection, we will send out an invitation for interview. Please pay close attention to our WeChat official account, we will regularly update the recruitment information and school recruitment schedule.

    • Q: What are the interview criteria?

      A: In addition to your professional skills, we also value your learning ability, personal qualities, team spirit, and compatibility with our corporate culture.

    • Q: If we pass the interview, will we have a chance to visit the company?

      A: If you successfully pass the interview procedures of our company, we will provide you with a free tour, accommodation and transportation costs will be borne by our company.

    • Q: What is the promotion path of TOT BIOPHARM?

      A: We will have regular interviews with each employee to give timely and effective feedback. The results of each stage of performance appraisal and your willingness to develop will be an important consideration.


Job vacancy

  • QA/QC/ production intern (Suzhou)

    The function

    1、Graduated from college or above in 2021, majoring in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, etc.;

    2、 Identify with the enterprise culture of TOT;

    3、Positive and enterprising, serious and responsible, with strong learning and communication skills.


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  • R&D intern (Suzhou)

    The function

    1、Graduated with master's degree or above in 2021, majoring in medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, etc.;

    2、Identify with the enterprise culture of TOT;

    3、Strong learning ability, interpersonal communication skills and ability to work under pressure.


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