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Project of TOT was awarded as "excellent case" of corporate social responsibility construction in suzhou industrial park


In February 2019, the industrial and administrative committee of suzhou industrial park announced the "most socially responsible enterprises", "excellent cases" and "excellent sub-alliance of CSR" of suzhou industrial park in 2018. TOT BIOPHARM. "love yao together - TOT pharmaceutical cancer patients and vulnerable groups care journey" project was awarded "excellent case of corporate social responsibility construction". This is the second time that TOT BIOPHARM has won the title of "the most socially responsible enterprise in suzhou industrial park" in 2018.  

Established in July 2009, TOT BIOPHARM is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and marketing of new anti-tumor drugs. At the same time of its own development, TOT BIOPHARM actively gives back to the society and advocates a people-oriented, love-centered corporate culture. In recent years, with the main line of "love yaoyao together" tour of caring for cancer patients and vulnerable groups in TOT BIOPHARM, we actively support the training courses of "psychological tumor of medical staff" and "illness notification" for medical staff, so as to promote the quality of communication between medical staff and cancer patients and their families. Organize and participate in many cancer rehabilitation BBS/conferences, carry out care and communication activities for cancer patients and their families; Initiated several humanities lectures, popularized the knowledge of cancer prevention, enhanced the public's awareness of cancer and the importance of health; We carried out a number of activities to care for vulnerable groups, organized charity sales and donations, established support relations with special children's education schools, and donated money to schools in remote border areas. Hope long-term cultivation and accumulation, can trickle into the river and the sea.  

The award represents the support and recognition from the government and the public for TOT BIOPHARM to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. In the future, TOT BIOPHARM will continue to actively fulfill corporate social responsibility, and the spirit of love and care into daily action, promote the sustainable development of enterprises and society.