Social Responsibility

Social Welfare

TOT BIOPHARM is a professional anti-cancer drug factory that attaches great importance to the balance between humanity and technology

In terms of products and technology, we continue to pursue quality and innovation. In terms of humanity, we advocate a people-oriented and love-centered corporate culture and encourage employees to go out of the enterprise and contribute to the society. TOT BIOPHARM supports education, carries out various experiential education, and trains employees to become volunteers of experiential education, and carries out communication and practice activities with teachers and students for many times. TOT BIOPHARM assisted Xinjiang Khorgas Gate Junior High School and set up a charity fund to help students in the border areas realize their dreams. At the same time, Taiwan experts on experiential education are invited to provide guidance and training for teachers and students, so that the seeds of experiential education can take root and grow in the border areas. People of TOT BIOPHARM also spontaneously organized books and clothing recycling and donation, some also applied for a volunteer card, and become social volunteers.

We look forward to contribute more to the harmonious and beautiful society!