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TOT Biopharm specially chrishs “human” value and firmly believes that “human” is the most important core of our organization. TOT Biopharm pays close attention to its employees’ learning and development. It introduces professional learning resources from the outside, implements internal trainer system, and develops knowledge management system by itself, expecting to carve TOT Biopharm into a remarkable learning organization.

Learning Organization
1. Reading Party

The reading party held every month serves as an interaction and sharing platform for professional dialogue, cultural integration, and team harmony.

2. Learning Sharing Field

We have built up a multi-functional conference hall as a learning sharing field, which is equipped with books and video materials on technology specialty, antineoplastic, leadership, human caring, history, and art. We encourage employees to borrow and read them anytime. We create an atmosphere and environment in which everybody can learn anytime anywhere.

Training Course
1.New Employee Orientation

Integral new employee orientation, training courses and supporting system help our new colleagues to adapt and harmonize into TOT BIOPHARM.

2. General Courses

We provide colleagues of all professional fields with common working knowledge and skill learning by utilizing every opportunity and enable them to work smartly and efficiently.

3. Leadership and Management Courses

The competitiveness of the organization comes from good management efficiency, and we believe managers play roles as connecting links between the top and the bottom of the company. In response to the vision and challenges, we provide management and leadership courses with face-to-face, on-line, and OJT as the carrier in accordance with requirements of the experience, ability, and practice.

4.Professional Courses

In order to perform its own duties, each department must own different professional knowledge and abilities. We have all kinds of training courses according to the specialized training system to enable our colleagues qualified, promoted, and rotated.

Personal Career Development

Every year, we constantly promote the vertical and horizontal communication of the team to ensure the career development of every employee in accordance with the goals established at the beginning of the period, the mid-term process tracking and the feedback of the final-term assessment in the performance development program. In addition to individual development plan, we let the employees have more opportunities to discover their own potential and learn to grow according to the employees’ will and the company’s requirements, supported by job rotation and project assignment mechanism.