Growth in TOT

Career Development in TOT BIOPHARM
TOT BIOPHARM attaches great importance to the personal career development of each employee. Based on TDP (Talent Development Program), through the annual performance evaluation, conducted every year it constantly promotes the vertical and horizontal communication of the team, implements individual learning and growth, and implements the personalized development plan supplemented by the dual-track mechanism of specialty and management.

Learning Organization

In order to improve the ability of continuous innovation and drive the vitality of the enterprise, TOT BIOPHARM has implemented the internal lecturer system, monthly book club and online course sharing meeting. From product quality control to technology/business model innovation, we have built our own internal knowledge system to build TOT BIOPHARM into a learning organization.

Expert's Speech

TOT BIOPHARM is people-oriented, attaches great importance to the value of "people", and believes that "people" is the root of the enterprise's continuous success. TOT BIOPHARM pays attention to the learning and development of employees, introduces professional learning resources from the outside, organizes special lectures, invites experts to give speeches and lectures, so that the enterprise has the momentum for learning and continuous development.